Nervous of new medication

I have been prescribed new medication Mirapexin (Pramipexole) and am quite nervous of taking it, I am taking Amantadine and Rasagaline at present with no bad side effects, some bad dreams but thats all. Have had bad reactions to other meds but cant remember names. Does anyone take Mirapexin without having a bad reaction.

hello sugarplum

Yes, I expect lots of us take Pramipexole with no major side effects - I know I do.

But you'll know there are really nasty side effects of DAs that can affect some people, so go carefully!

Best wishes and good luck.

i have tried 3 DAs and found mirapexin the best so far in terms of side effects though i only take 0.375mg per day as a supplement to levadopa.
Hi sugarplum,
I have taken Pramipexole for about 4 years now. I have one little problem with this drug in that it makes me want to SHOP! I can control this but I have heard of some people who have gone into debt because of it. It is a good drug for me though as it helps control my PD.Every one reacts differently to any medication so just be careful and any concerns see your Consultant or Parkinson nurse. Good luck,( by the way the compulsion to shop has only slightly increased as I always liked to shop even prior to taking the drug.)

Thanks for all answere's I have started taking the Mirapexin, and no alergic reaction that I have had with other medications, (coming out in red bloches, pounding heart, feeling sick and dizzy) so that was good. Will take care of any of the other side effects materializing. Perhaps a compulsion to clean might be good!! Thanks again :smile: sugerplum