Nervous passenger

Hi It has been a while since my last visit to the forum. I was wondering if anyone else has become a nervous passenger in cars it has never been a problem before. My wife tells me to have nap till we get to where we are going lol.

I find that parked cars look a lot nearer than they really are when I'm a passenger.  Similarly, if my husband or whoever is driving is overtaking, the vehicles we are passing also look a lot closer. 

Hi Doglover

My wife say's I get anxious over a lot of things that never used to worry me. I think this I quite a common symptom so I will learn to live with it and nap more when my wife drives (she is a good driver I thought her myself!)

You betcha. One of my earlier symptoms (and one of my more irritating, though I can offer plenty of choice, to others). Like most symptoms it's got a lot better since I got the meds right. But I still have to bite my tongue and not look forwards too much.

And yes, anxiety in general is a big thing. i say that unstressful things now stress me. Again, better with the meds.



Hi Semele l am currently on holiday trying to forget about my problems but pd is always on my mind. I often wonder what I would be like without meds (side effects or symptoms) Poppel

I totally agree with you, Semele.  Half the battle is not looking too much to the future but concentrating on the here and now.  Every day is so different with our symptoms etc isn't it, but every day that passes is another  achievement!  Love the cat photo!


Yes, anxiety is one of the symptoms that upsets me the most. In my case it is directly related to the use of Ropinirole. I struggled for years to titrate past 6mg but was unable to tolerate even 8mg because of panic attacks. Interestingly these attacks usually manifested when waiting at traffic lights or queues in shops etc basically when in a situation where I feel trapped and don't have an escape route. 6mg no probs, 8mg anxiety attacks.



Hi Poppel,

anything that causes stress or worry will compound your symptoms and as for pd without taking the drugs that does not bear thinking about, i am on a clinical trial i have a three monthly review and have to go without my drugs for a short period of time one type 24hrs another 12hrs. last month when i travelled for my review distonia kicked in really bad to the point i was unable to walk and had to crawl across hotel floor. i was so distressed i was shouting at my legs to stop playing me up. if it was not for the drugs i don't think i could really cope with that and i am only 2yrs dx age 49. 

i am from the gimmee the drugs school of thought.

bb xx

Hi Bettyblue

My wife has reminded me of how I was before my dx and of the symptoms that caused me to seek medical advice. I have changed my job twice since my dx (within the same company) from an active service job which was physically to demanding to a office desk job which caused me a lot of stress so moved again and now working back on the shop floor as an electrician which is far better for my anxiety , but my dexterity isn't what it once was, company has been very good to me so far hope it lasts .


I totally agree with Bettyblue.  Having always been very anti medication of any description, I am now eternally grateful that I live in a day and age where PD medication is available to me and I happily take it.  My poor nan, who died in 1971 and had Parkinson's, had nothing.  I can't even imagine how she must have felt.  So soldier on Poppel!

Hi Doglover

I will be taking my my meds and and enjoying the good days . My PD will always be there so I am glad of modern medicine 

good to hear that Popple i don't like to think of anyone just trying to cope with pd.


bb xx