neupro,european dosing

my neuro here in the u.s. has me on ‘European’ dosing. the fda here indicates 8mg/day is the max dose for parkinsons. my insurance has approved an increased dose. does anyone know the max daily dose approved in England?


For the generic, rotigotine patches, used for Parkinson’s the recommendations are:

  • 8mg if used as a monotherapy;
  • 16mg if used with L/C.

I find the increased maximum when taken with L/C counter-intuitive. Perhaps it is suggesting that before you go to large doses you would be better to look at the efficacy of L/C for you.

The levodopa equivalent dose factor for rotigotine is 30 (i.e. roughly speaking 1mg of rotigotine gives the same benefit as 30mg of levodopa).


Hi Cathyj
Do you know what medication you are on as I am on ropinirole and I can go up to 24 mg a day hope that helps