Neupro patch

Regarding the Neupro patch; I know it is not supposed to matter what time time of day you apply the patch. But has anyone noticed a defference in applying it in the morning, afternoon or evening?
My husband puts his on after his shower in the morning . I have never thought about using it at a different time of day .. To be honest he and I can never see any difference before or after any of the meds he uses ..

Do you have any troiuble with your skin when you peel the patch off . Unfortunately my husband s skin is qite poor and it does get very red it itches and can break how ever careful I am peeling it off .
hi dixie, i was on neupro patches for about 2yrs and i would put mine on after a shower in the morning, i am now on miripexin which works much better for me i dont think the patches really worked right but good luck with them. sue