Neupro patch

Hi I'm trying the neuro patch to see if evens out symptoms first thing in morning .

i find it's helped symptoms but it's driving me potty with the skin reaction it  itches like mad .,and also won't stick on so end up with tape over each edge  . Not helped with fact need 2 patches each day as on 16 mg



anyone else tried it ....does the itchiness settle and how did they get it to stick ?.


I was on the Neupro patch 6mg and 4mg and both left red patches on my skin. The PD nurse recommended Melanium (for baby rashes) and my GP gave me some Hydrocortisone neither of which made any difference so eventually I had to give the patch up.

I was on the 2mg patch and got red skin. The patch also "burned" in contact with hot water (in the shower, for example). They didn't help my symptoms, and even on such a low dose the side effects were horrible so I stopped using them.

Obviously, don't put the patch in the same place every day, and avoid putting it on your inner arm/leg as the skin there is more sensitive. 

thanks ...tried for a week on stomach so irritated and rash appeared gave up but they seemed to help symptoms first thing in morning . had discussion with hospital pharmacist said it was worth trying again but only use arms and legs .if rash appears on them cant use 

so put patch on each arm ..will see 

interestingl when went back on requip my dry eyes started back up and were red and sore  so think its going to be decision which is worse sore eyes or itchy skin ......will see 


Strange to say, I usually develop skin  reactions easily  but have managed to stay on the neupro patches..  Some points from my experience which may be of use:

the slightest delay in applying the patch after peeling back the backing seems to easily affect the adhesion

I have to press the palm of my hand for at least  a minute to ensure it will stay on - not 30 seconds as the leaflet says.

I do get intense itching sometimes and do not put it on my arms at all now so one 8 mg patch a day is using up a lot of  the available space as.  I have no one to stick it anywhere I cannot reach

Eurax anti itch cream helps to nip the itch/scratch/itch cycle.

I've discovered I have a lot more places than I thought where the skin wrinkles on movement.  My neuro said  the patches worked even though close adhesion not achieved but I am not convinced

It does say on the patient leaflet not to use hot water when bathing but it does not say why.  Now I know..  Also you must take it off for an MRI scan because of the risk of burns related to the  aluminium in the backing common to most transdermal patches

I am going to the World Parkinson Conference in Portland USA in September and I would not have had the confidence to do this unless I was on a patch even though I take Sinemet plus x four tabs daily as well.










Thanks for comment 

I found today if put tape across each corner as soon as put on , you can remove half hour later and pat hedges are well stuck down 

so far so good 


Aye the patches are a job right enough but if you put them where the skin is tougher their alright the top of the shoulders - front of the legs - bum cheeks all work for me if I try anywhere else I get red and itchy ,and when I peel them sit them down for a couple of minutes to let the alcohol evaporate of them before sticking them on no problem for me good luck Ian 

ive had to give up on them day 5  my skin reacted with red rash spreading out from patches with intense burning and not going when taking patch off .. talked to nurse ...stop using them  so back on requip


Whatever is best for you good luck 


I find the patches useful for maintaining stable symptoms. You need at least 14 sites and only some skin is suitable. I shave my thighs upper arms and abdomen.

My wife is currently changing from pergolide to the patches. She also suffered from itchiness/irritation. The parkinsons nurses here in Aberdeen suggested we use a spray called Cavilon. It acts as a barrier but allows the drug to pass through, it makes wearing the patches much more comfortable. Hope this is useful.