Neupro patches, repeat prescription?

This may seem like an easy question and I apologise if I am wasting your time.
My Parkinson nurse recommended Neupro 1mg patches for a restless leg problem. When my doctor received the PN report I had to chase them to get a prescription. Unfortunately this was not on a repeat prescription format. Now my months supply is running low I have had to ask again for another prescription on a repeat format. Again the prescription was not on a repeat format. I don’t want to pester my surgery too much whilst they are under pressure due to Covid so can anyone tell me if the drug is not supposed to be ‘for life’ and only on an ad hoc basis?

I am using the 1mg patch at the moment as a stepping stone to the higher doses. From what I gather from comments from the Consultant (and GP) is that this patch is very expensive and not all Commissioning Groups approve regular usage without confirmation of requirement so the compromise is monthly approval to ensure it is still the required treatment. I have experienced this with other drugs.