Neupro patches ritigotine

I have been on Neupro patches for just over a month, initially 2mg and now 4 mg. So far I have not experienced any adverse side effects except my sleep is rubbish again but this could be a coincidence. One thing I have noticed is that my mood seems to have lifted and I am now taking more of an interest in things like sewing and other hobbies which I had lost interest in. It isn’t yet helping my down times but just wondered if this is a known improvement. I would be pleased to hear from anybody else’s experience. Thank you

I have been using the patches for a month and although I have not had any side effects I’m not really sure the patches are helping me either.

Thanks for your reply, it is only since I went on to 4 mg I have noticed this. Keep watching this space.


I have been on Neupro patches for nearly a year (in addition to Co-Careldopa and Entacapone)

When I first went to 4mg I noticed a difference, more interest in hobbies, reading the paper etc. People in the street and at my Parkinson exercise class commented in the improved change on my walking and facial expressions. I built up to 8mg then after approx. 6 months my condition deteriorated but it is still an improvement before Neupro. My Neurologist has recommended I go up to 12mg patches.

I have not suffered any side effects except trouble getting sleep.

Thank you so much for your reply, I thought I was imagining things when I suddenly wanted to start doing a large x stitch sampler that I have just ignored for about 4 years. Hopefully things will continue to improve. Will be interested to hear how you respond to a higher dose.

Coming to this from the weekly mail summary - my wife was taking more tablets than she should have and went on to patches last Nov. They immediately helped and she was able to make her tablets last longer. I’d say her dyskinesia has gradually increased. She will move onto the 4mg dose with her next prescription. So, it’s good to see others saying positive things.

Sorry for the delay in replying. I have noticed an increase in diskinesia and my sleep is still bad but I am sure there is something going for them. Thanks for your response.