Neupro Patches


I've been on Neupro patches for approximately 2 months: starting on 2mg and gradually working up to 10 mg (which I started today). I have noticed very little difference in my ability to walk - legs like concrete, very stiff. In fact I can hardly lift them off the ground as they seem to drag along. The tremor in my right arm is quite bad, it has no strength in it. I would be interested to know if anyone has noticed any benefits from the patch and what their experiences are and in what areas.

Many thanks.

Hello Dixie ..My husband has been on incresing doses of Sinemet , Sinemet plus at present . about 9 months ago he was put on Neuro patches going from 2mg to 6 mg .

When he started on them I thought it seem to help his mental capacity . He has been unable to read , he was an avid reader until Parkinsons . He can now read a light book a few pages at a time . But it hasn't helped his mobility . Our GP and District who visits us told us to stick with it in fact her father is also a Parkinsonian and it took a good 3 months before he saw a difference . To be honest if I am honest I havent found any of the meds a great help .

When I said this to his consultant he told me he would possibly have got worse without . Such a complex illness . I think it's important to be involved in medication decisions but I am afraid to stop anything

My husband was diagnosed EVENTUALLY about 5 years ago . He is 77 .. Do you have any problem with the patch affecting your skin . I have to be very careful when I remove the patch for him because his skin blisters easily . When it does I usually use some Sudacreme its seems to suit him ..

His tremor isnt too bad but when in a relaxed postion asleep eg . his body jumps and jerks and wakes him up . I think most of the meds take a while before you see any difference or at least its what I have read . Let us know how you get on .

Hi Johnnie,

The patches make my skin go red - but it only lasts for about 2 to 3 days. I tend to put the patches on from just above my knee to the tops of my legs. I find that there is less movement here and so the patches stay on.

I had a good day yesterday (first day on 10mg) and today has been OK. I hope that the patches work for me as I find them so convenient.

I hope that your husband continues to improve.

Is anyone else currently having difficulty with their supply of Neupro patches? My Mum has been taking these for nearly a year now, but is suddenly having problems getting hold of them through her usual pharmacy (she lives in W. Yorks). They don't seem to know what the problem is either. She's been ringing round herself to try and get hold of a supply and the only local source was Tesco! I've read of problems in the past, but wonder what's suddenly happened and what others' experiences are at the moment. Thanks!

Hi Maggy

I have recently started on Neupro Patches and live in W Yorks my local pharmacy is a Rowland
they did not have any but sourced some the next day
I found using a local pharmacy and getting to no the staff works
All the best Adrian