Neupro patches


Has anyone experience of using Neupro patches, please? I should be starting them but am v nervous as the last DA I took gave me v low blood pressure 

thank you




My experience with Neupro has been positive. I am now on the 4 mg patch and I find it helps control the symptoms. Has not stopped the tremor unfortunately. I had to go up gradually because at first I found it gave me nausea. It took me six months going from 1 mg upwards. I kept the half patches on with a plaster. I exercise a lot so I still find putting a plaster on the patch is helpful even though the 4 mg one sticks quite well.


Thank you Roman. Could you tell me how long the nausea lasted and were you actually sick? I am on Madopar as well and wonder what would happen if I was sick. Sorry need to ask the doctor!




Apologies for the delay in replying but I was in hospital for three days and they didn't have WiFi. I felt a lot of nausea and dizziness for a couple of days when I tried to go from 2 mg to 4 mg. It stopped when I reduced the dose back to 2 mg. I stayed on two mg for a couple of months after that, then went up to three mg ( I halved the  6 mg patch) for almost three months and finally I am now on 4 mg without problems. My system seemed to need a lot of time to get adjusted before I could up the dose. I hope this is helpful. Bw. Roman


Thanks for getting back, Roman. I have been prescribed 1 mg so maybe it will be ok. Who knows? Hate these side effects. Wonder how often Neupro is prescribed


hope you re ok

BW samdog





Thank you. They put in two stents and I feel fine. On the PLM website there are 138 patients who report being on the Neupro patch versus five times as many for the other DA's. I guess it's due to costs. 1 mg is very much an entry level dose. My Neuro told me not to expect any benefits until I got to 4 mg. BW Roman


Thanks again for that iinfo

bw samdog


Sorry to gatecrash your post... I am on Neupro - have gone from 2 mg to 4 mg and tomorrow I'll start 6 mg after a terrible experience on ropinirole (the XL version wasn't absorbing; the instant release made me constantly sick). Happy to report I haven't been sick once since starting Neupro, only some v mild nausea and uncomfortable bloating. But that's probably because I'm keeping food down again finally!

The 6 mg patch looks big, so I'm not looking forward to that. Dread to think about the 8. It's worth the itchiness / discomfort taking them off, though, as I think I'm seeing a difference. I'm 30 years old and have been dx for 8 months now, and while I don't doubt that 'normal' is something I'll never feel again, I'm getting a bit of my old self back, finally. Well, until this bloomin' patch starts itching me, which serves as a regular reminder...

I'd love to hear from others who are on this.

Good luck,

E :)


Hi yo 83

Thank you very much for sharing your experience of Neupro and I m really glad you re feeling a benefit. It would seem it s the least prescribed of the DA s , possibly due to cost.

I ve decided to delay using the patches for the time being as I m anxious about side effects.

all the very best to you