Neupro patches

hi, is there anyone out there that is using these patches and at what strength. Has anyone heard or experienced Neupro malignant syndrome. Is anyone of the opinion that the Parkinson  drugs r very addictive and very hard to come off in relation to side effects



I used Neupro patches for a while.  Up to 6mg - about 4.5cm by 4.5cm.

No experience of Neupro malignant syndrome.

The patches left raw marks on my skin, caused outrageous insomnia, delusions, daytime drowsiness that caused me to give up driving because I could not stop falling asleep at the wheel.

After a while stopped using them and switched to Azilect. A word of warning; wait at least two weeks, longer if possible, between stopping use of the patches and starting Azilect.  The medications fight each other and it is not pleasant.

The agonists I have used are not addictive.