Neupro patches

Hi I have recently started on 6 mg of the Neupro patches after being on Requip xl 8 mg for about 3 years.l was wondering what experience other people have had using them and how long they take to work?As I have been using them for a week and I see to be worse than I was before.I can barely walk somtimes and my freezing times are more frequent and last longer..I am going up to 8 mg tomorrow I just hope they work better.Am I being too impatient ?

I had Neupro patches for a while.  For mobility, they were very good and used to kick in quite quickly.  However, they made me obsessive, delusional, and gave me incredible insomnia.

The thing that irritated, literally, me the most were the breeding colony of red patches over my body where the patches had stuck.  Also they had a habit of coming off when I was rather sweaty.


Hi beany


I was allergic ro the patches and had to come off them.Burnt my skin and went into big blisters my legs were a mess. I  had my entacapone increased I take that along with my sinimet plus and 1mg rasagiline in the morning.

I seem to have one good day and the   next awful. Just think thats the way its going to be.I was told that it can be anyting uo to 5 weeks for meds to settle. Hope you get on ok. X