Neupro rotigotine patches

Does anyone know the reason why the above patches come in a big plastic container? With all the talk these days of unnecessary use of plastic the container size seems excessive.

All I can think of is that they have to be kept at a certain temperature but if I go away for a few days I just take a few out of the packaging so is this ok?

@Margs1 speak with your pharmacist they will be able help you or give Parkinsons helpline a call I’m sure they can help put your mind at ease.


Hi. I’m may be a little out of date as my husband stopped these patches a year ago but his were in a cardboard box. Years ago they had to be kept in a fridge then that changed.

Maybe not much use. Be interesting to see if they’re all supplied in plastic now.

The plastic box is about 6 inches square with the little patches in the middle. I will ask the pharmacy when I pick up my next supply. Seems such a waste of plastic.

Thanks for replying Castle. Out of interest why did your husband stop using them?

Mine are presently supplied in cardboard boxes, I have also had them in plastic boxes, I doubt there is any difference storage wise as the patches are double sealed before going into the final package albeit plastic or cardboard.

I think it was because of dyskinesias and an overall slim down of his meds. Sinemet were the only really beneficial ones and the patches, a;though they may have helped a bit weren’t making enough difference to warrant the possible increase in dyskinesias. Not just neupro he was on other meds too. Hope that helps

Thanks Castle.