Neupro rotigotine shortage?

Hi everyone.
Is anybody else finding it difficult to get Rotigotine (Neupro) patches? We ar tryign to get some 8mg patches and our chemist, which recently changed hands, claims they are “not being made”. Does anyone know if this is true, please? It is really bad news for us if it is.
Many thanks for reading this.

No shortage in South Devon - I had a pack today.

Thank you allnightin, good to hear. I have since heard elsewhere there is no shortage, which makes me wonder what our pharmacist is playing at. Not that I am asking that here!

OK, in case anyone is bothered by this thread, there is no shortage of Neupro 8mg patches. The distributors have stock and have confirmed this to me directly. It just seems to be out chemist failing to follow through on an order, because when I went to see them a third time, it is now somehow available and I suspect it probably was all along.

Had we followed out pharmacy’s advice, we’d have had to seek alternative meds via the doctor who probably would have had to waste the hospital’s time too checking with them.

This is one of a series of problems we have had down the years, which include the swapping of meds to different brands, one of which failed to work so spectacularly that my partner ended up having an emergency appointment at the hospital and having adjustments made to DBS settings, which was probably totally avoidable. While we all take notice of what our consultants and GPs tell us and offer us, perhaps we should pay closer attention to the sharp end which is the pharmacies.

That said, our pharmacy has often been something of a bulwark against the illness and the difficulties we have with getting care these days. and he staff are usually really helpful, so it ain’t all bad news.

Food (or medicines) for thought, perhaps. Thanks to everyone who read this.