Neuro Physiotherapy

Does anyone have experience of Neuro Physiotherapy? I was diagnosed in 2011 and had five sessions of general Physiotherapy in 2012 with only limited benefits. My wife's Physiotherapist strongly recommends I now see a Neuro Physiotherapist at the local hospital but there doesn't seem to be much info on this, on the Parkinsons website.

I asked to be referred to a  neuro physiotherapist and was in fact referred to a physiotherapist specialising in neurological conditions such as MS and PD. I do not know if this is the same thing. I received ultrasound treatment and simple walking/gait/balance exercises.

I looked for a neuro physiotherapist privately and came across "theneurophysioservice" via Google. Sorry but I don't seem to be able to paste the link. Reading the blurb, the service they offers reads as 

"Our neurological Physiotherapists specialise in the treatment and management of strokes, brain injury, spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis and other neurological conditions"

which sounds exactly the same as the original "ordinary" physiotherapist who treated me.


Hi I attend a weekly session with a physiotherapist who specialises in treating neurological problems.  I have been more supple, stronger and I am sure that it has enabled me to take lower doses of meds despite having PD for 11 years or more.

I would recommend this type of treatment. I am not sure that it has to be with an neuro physiotherapist as such, just a therapist who is good at what they do and sees you as an individual with your own set of needs.

Thanks for the feedback, it is encouraging to hear that it is helpful. I will follow this up with my GP or Consultant to see if I can get an NHS referral.

Physiotherapy for PwP and carers too is reccomended in the NICE guidelines. There is some information about physiotherapy on this site

and there is a data sheet too

To jeanne's question (post #2 in this thread) a neurophysiotherapist is a physiotherapist who specialises in neurological conditions.