Neurologist thinks probable PD daughter wants me to move near her


I am 71 years of age. Neurologist said probable PD but not diagnosing me yet. He is sending me for a Dat-scan. Only symptom I have is a chin tremor although in the last week I have had terrible cramps in my legs in bed at night, I think that is another symptom. We live in a bungalow but don’t have family close by, my daughter wants us to move to her area to be beside her and grandchildren. Only problem is she lives in an expensive area and not many bungalows so would have to move to a two story house. Do people on the forum with PD have problems with stairs etc, it is such a hard decision to make as we have lived in our bungalow for 30 years. I would like to be beside her but am worried about making the wrong decision and not coping , I know it has to be my decision in the end but any help would be appreciated, kind regards.


Hello gemsmum

It really is impossible tp predict if you are going to have problems with things like stairs. I was diagnosed in 2010 and can still manage stairs, but have recently moved to be nearer my children and ended up buying a ground floor flat. How far are you from your daughter now?It may be that the best advice is to wait a while and see how your PD progresses, hasty decisions are often not the best.


Just a thought but what about a downstairs flat? Would be cheaper than a house.

I moved nearer my daughter last year swopping one house for another, I did look for a bungalow but none for sale at the time. Unfortunately a lot of people seem to be buying bungalows and then extending them into houses.

Good luck with your decision.



Hi Gemsmum
thinking ahead if you did move to a house I suppose you could have a stair lift put in. Its a difficult decision to move as you have been there so long. We made the move to be near our son, ironically he started a job that involves long hours so less time to see us, although having said that hes close in the event of emergency, as we were 3 hours away before… I don’t regret moving, but wish we had looked more closely at the place we bought, its been a bit hard work (more work than thought needed). I would suggest you rent first but of course that is not always an option I realise. So also could you stay in the area for a while to see how you feel at the thought of moving there? It would take you awhile to settle but could be the best thing you do.



The previous advice is all good. In our situation, 7 yrs post diagnosis, I am very glad we do not live with stairs. My husband is now very unsteady, gets up at night and wanders, stairs would be a great worry. He often falls and are registered with a picking up service which is excellent. A bungalow would have a garden, that is a consideration too as you get older. All the best. C.