Neurologist's findings

Hello everyone,

A few days ago I saw a neurologist who ruled out parkinsons absolutely. He instead diagnosed me with myoclonic dystonia. I'm dubious. I should have asked him how my tremor isn't a parkinsons tremor but I forgot. In fact, he didn't seem bothered about my tremor at all!

I thought I'd feel much better being told it's not pd. I don't though. Not sure why.

Anyway, I'm having blood tests, MRI, datscan and something else to make sure.

Has anyone else had a similar experience?


hi bobbin
isnt this relatively good news?
seemingly md can include a tremor in 25pc of cases.
my son had myclonic jerks (infantile spasms)as a baby. they sound fairly easy to diagnose. does the dystonia go away with alcohol? there should also be other cases in your family?

hi bobbin,

i was diagnosed approximately 3 yrs. ago with PD. prior to that i saw a different Consultant because of my tremor and he diagnosed me with essential tremor. i was treated with beta-blockers which helped a little but gradually i was feeling that everything i was doing was slow. i felt as if i was dragging my left foot and my left arm only moved slowly.(if that makes sense to you ) To cut a long story short i was referred to a different Cons. at my request, and at first he did not think it was PD He requested a DAT scan and this was inconclusive It was only when he saw how i was walking, no left arm swing. i walked very stiff and as i said dragged my leg and of course not forgetting the TREMOR! I am now on meds. and feel a lot better in myself but obviously it was a shock, but the biggest shock to me was when my older sister was also diagnosed with PD following years or treatment for Essential Tremor. My advice to you would be that if you dont feel any improvement or other symptoms begin to appear then go and get them checked out straight away! Gosh i dont half go on once i get started, sorry about that. Take care and good luck.:rolling_eyes: