New and frightened

hello I havnt been diagnosed with Parkinson's feel a bit of a Freud but I have some symptoms that concern me stiffness on left side of body especially leg pain also had this for 9 months now. have been to GPS had x ray said arthritis had physio no better then a month ago started with a tremor in index finger right hand and now whole hand finding typing this hard also dizzy spells another thing is I am salivating? constantly what should I do scared of going to gp and they wont listen to me.



Hi Whitedove

You'll find there is several people on this forum waiting too be diagnosed( me among them) and several who have just had diagnosis, When i first went too my g.p he saw my tremor, but the pains in my hands and arms his first  thought.. Carpal and stress, and perhaps arthritis, because those are some of the most common things and then blood test's route.

after several appointments at my gp's he eventually sent a referral too a neurologist who insisted i was in the correct place, another blood test too rule out wilsons disease ,nerve conduction tests too rule out carpal which i knew it wasn't and then a m.r.i, which came back clear too rule out other things. and then in july a dat scan of which ill get the result and prob diagnosis on oct 1st.

There had been points at first a year ago when i thought the gp might not be listening, but  all that faded away when i  eventually saw the neuro, stick at it with the g.p or see a different one if you really feel your not getting anywhere.


Hi whitedove, I am undiagnosed, possibly PD, or something else or even stress. I felt like you, nervous about going to the GP yet again but with your symptoms it would be a good idea to make an appointment.

 I went about my memory, and found myself having tests and scans and hospital appointments, I was very frightened. As some things were apparently being ruled out PD was mentioned, which was a surprise to me.

Tests are still ongoing and I am still nervous but I am glad I did see my doctor. I have a hospital apt 7th October . My husband has had PD for about 5 years.

Best wishes     flo

thankyou sea angler and flo for your replies I now see I'm not on my own this has helped me I'm going to make another gp appointment thankyou so much.


Whitedove, Be brave and tell your GP that you believe you may have Parkinson's. Don't allow them to put you off the sooner you know the sooner you can find support cool


thankyou it's just finding the courage stupid I know keep saying to myself leave it see if I get worse but I'm in a lot of pain and finding walking hard but obviously I do it have to for my mum and grandchildren who I look after.


Hello, whitedove --

You really should make an appointment with your gp.  If you don't do it today, you know you'll have to do it tomorrow anyway.  You can't live in pain and uncertainty forever.

If your diagnosis is PD, don't despair.  The medications can help with pain and stiffness and tremor.  Also, for most people, it is a very slowly progressing disease.  I've had it for 17 years now and am still living my normal life, taking care of my own household, etc.  If you are caring for your mum and grandchildren, you are a strong person.  You can face this!

Best wishes,   J


Hello J of Grey Cottage.

I am delighted that you say after 17 years you are still living a normal life. This as provided me with some comfort and hope. Being diagnosed at 47 made me feel flat; i cried every time i was alone i could only see a future of disability. THANK YOU xxx

Hello Whitedove.

Please go to your GP and keep in touch. We'll all be in your heart when you sit in the doctors consultation room. J of Grey Cottage is correct you are already a strong person.  


Damaged but never Broken --

Believe me, I understand the tears.  The shock of diagnosis is considerable.  I cried every day for a week!  All I could think of was that horrible word "progressive."  A progressive disease is better than a terminal disease, but when a doctor first confirms that you have PD, it sounds like the beginning of the end.

My first symptoms came at age 51, but I didn't guess they were Parkinson's.  A stiff shoulder drew no special attention, because I had had tendonitis in it for years.  And stomach problems?  Who would think PD would start that way?  But so it did, and at age 56 I got the diagnosis. 

At some point, we come to terms with this illness.  Although I didn't even want to talk about it with my husband at first, now I tell everyone.  I never know when the person I'm addressing may have a friend or relative with PD who could gain hope from my long-term case.  I have even volunteered at my treatment centre at the university and work with newly diagnosed patients.

Well, forgive me for babbling on and on.  Best wishes,



J of Grey Cottage

 You're an inspiration to me J and i am certain this is true to many others who have been lucky enough to share your kind words of hope. I hope i can one day support others to believe that they can still have aspirations after their diagnosis

Never apologise for babbling, it's so important to give hope

Thank You xxx