New and worried!


Hi everyone, my name is Anne, married to Harry. I am 65 an Harry is 76 and we have 19 yr old triplets! We sadly lost our first son Matthew in 1994 to a sudden death syndrome, he was 14. 4 years later after ivf treatment we had our trio, a girl and 2 boys! When they were 9 Harry was diagnosed with advanced bowel cancer, stage 4, that was in 2008 he is now in his 6th year of remission, thankfully. 2 years ago he developed  tremor in his left hand and Parkinsons was diagnosed. Last week he had to have a tow amputated as it got an infection in the bone, worried if it will affect his balance which is already not good.  Then last July I was diagnosed with Ovarian cancer, had surgery and chemo and currently all clear! Phew! Just joined here for support, am noticing more and more symptoms with Harry, the latest being a gulping sound when he swallows, he doesn`t seem to notice it. Its all very worrying, I see him looking frail now and it breaks my heart. He has always been so active, still has an allotment but he is struggling but wont give up! Thank you for reading, its nice to not feel alone.


Hello Triplets, good to hear from you.  I'm sorry you've had such a packet of grim things health wise, both yourself and Harry. Do you have any groups near by? Or a Parkinsons nurse to talk to. I have found both to be supportive and helpful. The nurse could probably advise about the gulping. 

My husband died 10 years ago, bowel cancer too but he was 64 and not too debilitated until the last few months. It is awful watching someone you love decline. I'm glad I was spared what you are going through. My PD was diagnosed 3 yrs ago, not much fun but I have found the meds to be helpful. 

I hope you will find support here. Keep on posting and in touch if it's helping you.   



I am so sorry to read that you have had so much worry. I am  pleased to read that Harry doesn`t give up. It makes all the difference with this condition. How are your children coping with it all? Great that they have each other.


Thank you both for replying. My trio seem to take it all in their strides. I think because they were 9 when illness struck they were too young to realise how serious and worrying it was, they seem to have spent most of their lives so far living with our illnesses. That makes me sad. They are I suppose typical teens, wrapped up in themselves, they don`t appear on the outside to worry about us. I suppose thats good in a way, we don`t want to burden them...............its just sometimes I could do with a hug........oh well. xx



Hi Anne - you have had a pot load of misfortune both you and Harry, but it's lovely you have the triplets to keep you focused, and yes we all could do with a hug now and then ( i've sent you a cyber hug). It would be nice if you have a parkinsons group near by that you could join to get a little support if you contact Harry's PD nurse for any information on one. These groups are a great help

Take care  - Sheila


Hi triplets
You have certainly had a packet of problems, but keep smiling through - well done to you all.

Can I share a bit of exciting news?

I am 82 and my other half is 90 and on Sunday we will be ferried to the christening of our twin great-granddaughters.

We had a troublesome 2017, but are planning to make 2018 better, even with the recent PD diagnosis, so - watch this space!



Hello Knine…how exciting and wonderful twin great grand children! I hope you do have a good 2018 enjoy life!x


Thank you so much, triplets. I must admit to being glad we only have two! My father was a twin - (his mother had three sets!), I had twin boys and now one of them is a grandad - proving the theory that fraternal twins miss a generation.
Sunday should be really special. It will be our first opportunity to take a four generation photo. I’ve had my hair done already - very colourful, bright pink and blue (but that’s quite normal for me). I like a bit of colour!


Hi, I’m a carer too and sometimes it can be lonely. You certainly had a bad year 2017, triplets, but I hope 2018 will be better for all of us. Please just let your husband do what he wants, it is great that he still wants to do the gardening, it keeps mind and body .motivated and it is better than doing nothing. Good luck.