New Bed

I'm so tired of waking up sore and stiff....not in a good way :))

I have a memory foam mattress but I think it's harder to turn over in them than a normal bed. What do you think is best? I want ot get it right as they are soooo expensive!

Do you like it hard? or springy? oooer Missus!

Any good deals you know?
We too gave up on the memory foam. It is so difficult to turn over. .....AND is difficult to get out of. You cannot push up with your hands.My husband has Parkinson's but I have a troublesome back and the memory foam made it worse as I was too long in one position. We spent a long time In the LOCAL INDEPENDENT bed centre trying every bed.We ended up with a pocket sprung but the mattress alone cost one penny short of a thousand pounds. Expensive.
Beware of some large national firms who offer half price offers. They are not really half price. They have the bed at an inflated price for a short time and then reduce. Sometimes they have their own particular bed from a manufacture so it it is difficult to compare prices. I phoned the manufacture and asked the full retail price of an equivalent bed and it was the price of the half price one on offer!!!
Should have said it has been worth every penny. The only problem is that it has so many springs it is heavy to lift to tuck in the sheet. We never thought to check the weight.
Hi, I bought a 2" memory form topper to ease my sciatica and although it helped with that problem, even the 2" depth of foam made it noticeably more difficult to manoeuvre myself whilst in bed and I think it would be easy to pull a muscle. So far I have no trouble getting right out of bed but I'm glas I stuck to the topper idea as it is a lot of money to lay out for a 100% memory foam. I notice that manufacturers are now making combination memory foam/conventional spring mattttresses
Definately bin the memory foam!!! We went gor a v spring - fab!
Hi Spam 95
We have a pocket sprung mattress, medium firm, manufactured with a 2" memory foam top and I find this very comfortable.
When it comes to turning an occupational therapist has supplied me with a bed lever. This comprises of a wooden plank with a tubular metal handle set at 90 degrees at one end. The plank slides under the mattress at about 18 inches from the head end of the bed so the handle stands about 9 inches above the mattress. When I want to turn over I can grab the handle and tug myself into position.
It's such a simple thing but it's made s huge difference to me.
Our original mattress was 100percent memory foam and cost the earth. Wish we had not bought it as pocket sprung it so much better So beds have been a big expense of late. Comparing the expense to other things,such as even a second hand car it is not too bad.
I bought a Sealy Posturepedic "Ivory Coast" mattress and base. it has a built in foam 2" top over a sprung interior. It cost a lot, about £800, but is the best bed I have ever had. Their email address is they will be able to tell you where you can buy one from, they build to order. I can recommend this bed as we have had it for about four years.