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Hi all, I am 58 retired estate agent and have just joined the "movers and shakers" club! Was diagnosed PD a couple of weeks ago but have been suffering left side arm, hand and leg tremor for about 5 months so had a good idea what was coming. I have a friend (ex estate agent) who also has PD for last 4 years, and learned this morning that another local estate agent I know also has PD. Coincidence? (or some might say payback!!)

I'm Curious to know whether this is just coincidence or if there is any sort of link with this occupation and if or how many forum members also work or have worked in estate agency in the past.

My neurologist has suggested that medication is not guaranteed to and may not help stop my tremors (so my son suggests I open a cocktail bar!) A couple of glasses of wine in the evening stop the shaking temporarily but can anyone suggest something else that might help during the daytime as drinking alcohol in the morning seems like a bit of a slippery slope!
Welcome AllanB
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I doubt there is a link to your occupation though I think you have been fortunate to have other PwP to talk to at the time of diagnosis.

Elegant Fowl
Elegant Fowl

Very elegantly put
welding yes, farming yes, teachers yes, estate agents not as far as i know.
alcohol has a particularly good effect on essential tremor rather than pd.
do you have any other symptoms?
turnip you say welding, is there a link? just that my offfice for thr 10yrs b4 diagnosis was above a welding work shop, sometimes the fumes were terrible
Hi AllanB

Perhaps it is counting all that money that is the link.

I also have tremor in left arm/hand. The medication does not help it. Strangely, mine is at its worst when I am driving. I also a enjoy a glass of red (preferably West Australian) and like you I find that it helps. I enjoy reading especially when I cannot sleep and I recenty bought a kindle ereader. I hold the reader in my left hand and surprisingly have found that it does not shake when I read.

Good luck

Ian E.
Hi Craa
welders - manganese poisoning in the fumes.

farmers - pesticides

teachers - no-one knows, but maybe viruses from children? or too much vitamin d in the summer holidays?
thanks turnip, you've got me thinking now, is that the reason i got a goood payoff from work, did they know?
you might be able to get a test done for manganese poisoning.
Thank you all for your warm welcome. Interestingly Turnip I do not have any other PD symptoms only left side tremor and slight loss of dexterity of my left hand - sufficient to impair my guitar playing and make driving slightly more difficult. I also have some stiffness of fingers, hands and legs but think this is down to general wear and tear.

Thanks also Paddyone for the tip about the kindle ereader - I have recently considered getting one so will explore further.

Good luck to you all

My father recently got diagnosed at the age of 59, he has a resting tremor in left hand and is currently taking a drug called azilect..

i've done my research and help out for parkinsons uk, please feel free to message me!
Hi Allan

Doesn't look good for me then.not only have I got a tremor on right side.I've got slurred speech,blocked salva gland,shuffle with right foot,trouble swallowing,loss of smell,red face,hand freezes now and again,leg cramps and slowness.seeing a consultant in November.yes I'm afraid of what he's got to say but I think I've got pd.anyone who can give me advice on this I would appreciate any comments good or bad.writing gets smaller as I write as well.