New case

hello name is arnieboy
i was told 2 years ago
just seeing how this forum goes:flushed:
just joined today, have posted to say hi to all and a bit about me and how I feel.
Hi Arniboy,

Welcome to the forum.I have only been a member for less than 2 months but find the forum very friendly with someone nearly always able to offer advice and thoughts.

Best wishes

Welcome to the forum Arnieboy and Russ.....I also hope you find some answers that may be bugging you here. You both have taken the first big step joining so pleas keep posting and let us know how you are doing

All the best to you both
Radz x
Welcome to Arnieboy and Russ, I hope that you both enjoy using the forum.
There are lots of good people that are always willing to chat and offer advice and support, so please do not hesitate to ask questions about the condition that we have in common.

I hope to see you around

thanks for replies
had pk for about two years
stsrted out on mirapexin 1mg 700 micrograms three times a day
it sorted out my frozen shoulder but after about a year
i kept falling asleep even when standing up
i was then put on sinermet 25 mg/100 one and half tabs three times a
much better sleep wise but shoulder still not good
is this sort of normal
not bad compared to some. sometimes symptoms develop very fast, sometimes the meds dont work at all. other have very slow development and need little me, you sound about average.
anyway,welcome and i hope you find it useful and friendly here.
Welcome arnieboy and Russ. I am sure that you will enjoy yourselves on the forum. As others have said, there is a great bunch of people on the forum who have a wicked sense of humour but are always happy to answer queries and just discuss everyday life. Best of luck to you both
Welcome to arnieboy and Russ,

I am sure you will find a huge amount of support on this forum and a lot of useful information to help you and this path of pd.
It is always a shock and difficult when you are first diagnosed with a long term condition but after a while you manage to turn a negative into a positive well you can try and most times it works.
My husband has had pd for almost 30years( he was 39) and I was disabled at 29yrs, I remember the first time I went out in a wheelchair we went forty miles to a seaside town so I wouldn't meet anyone I knew and then a second trip to another town where I bumped into a friend I hadn't seen for a couple of years and she was crippled with another condition so we just laughed together, now I look upon the wheelchair as a useful tool which has opened up my life accept for the usual problems of getting around, you always have to check you can get into places before making arrangements.
My husband and I have made a life and been busy it is just not the life most people have just different.
I hope you both enjoy much support and friendship on the forum as I am sure you will, and don't forget if you have a partner they need support to enable them to support you.
my very best wishes