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My husband (54) is waiting for an appointment with the neurologist in June. But since his GP appt. 2 weeks ago his tremor and stiffness have got really bad. He is very embarrassed and is spending most days in bed. It doesn’t help that he is unemployed at present. Am wondering if the shock is making things worse? Any thoughts would be welcome

It certainly made it worse for me, plus poor sleep, which often comes as well, didn’t help. I think the anxiety of waiting not sure what to expect or what the future will old. Add into that hyper awareness of possible symptoms and worrying that things were getting worse and it’s safe to say that I was a mess.

Now a few months after diagnosis I’m on medication, I have an exercise regime and a more positive hope for the future. In some ways my symptoms are now better than they have been for a long time before diagnosis.

Highly recommend the First Steps course which you should be able to find by searching PUK site. It’s for people with parkinson’s and friends and family too. Gives you a good insight of what to expect, how your husband can have the best chance of slowing progression and how to talk to medical professionals etc.

It’s heartbreaking but your husband can still live a meaningful life with Parkinson’s. Don’t forget to luck after yourself in all this, this isn’t just happening to him.

Good Luck.


Oh and I believe a person can refer themselves to their PD nurse, you don’t have to go through the specialist.

Thankyou this is so encouraging. It’s been really hard trying to be positive but hearing that the medication can help has given me a boost. It’s a shame that nothing can happen until he has seen the neurologist but given the delays with Covid June isn’t that far off

My husband was diagnosed last July at 44. Even tho we new it was parkinsons its still a shock. He has started medication and is doing well. My advice is keep positive and get as much support as you can. Hubby is still working and living a normal life. As someone on here told me’ ‘you have parkinsons but parkinsons dosent have you’. Look after yourself and keep smiling x

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Welcome @Janey2 sorry to hear about your husband. Let him know that there are people who have had Parkinson’s for decades and still live meaningful active lives. Also, exercise! It really helps me (51, male).

Take care