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Tried installing a new computer yesterday, my wife did most of the work, and am trying to access the forum in the same way, which is not easy, any tips please for a weary computer user? Cowboy101

let me guess - you've got windows 8?

Hello Cowboy1

  If you have Windows 8 it really is a brilliant system as long as your IQ is over 1 000 000, (only joking)  NOT when you gain access  to the desktop APP its a APP with desktop written on it, click on it and the installed server will pop up on the screen type in the search box who you want for your Home Page  there are many to choose from my   home page is with Talk Talk, they are good not shining bright good but the system is easy to use and they rectify faults quickly and efficently as they supply my telephone communication also I am pleased with the service provided. once you have a home page go back to the search box and choose your search engine provider, I use     INTERNET EXPLORER, its also a very good easy to use package and does exactly what it says on the tin, It gives a brilliant very expansive and highly detailed access to the net, there are  others but I happen to think IE is the best for me, GOOGLE  provides a excellent route to the  colossal amount of knowledge  out there and if you download GOOGLE EARTH, you will be able to see what your house looks like from across the road???????????????/ never could understand why people do that?  but you will need  EARTH if you want to  use FLIGHTRADAR24 ,this will give you endless joy or boredom in my wifes case , as you sit tracking all the flights anywhere in the world,Oh and dont be scared of the APPS once you crack the user friendly page after page of help and assistance you will wing it,, GOOD LUCK,,"my wife said tell you you will need it" Luck that is but take no notice mate, if a old thicko like me can master it anyone can.

        If you need to contact me my profile is  there  under  my profile????sorry its getting late  type in the search box PARKINSONS UK FORUM and your in                                       Fed

Hello Cowboy 101

                I have just read my post to you and I feel I owe you an appology sir, I was trying to inject a element of  lightheartedness and fun into what can be a very serious subject  when I purchased my  Lenovo laptop about a month ago it was my first encounter with APS , and I thought they were C..P  , so please dont think I am attempting to sound superior as you could not get further from    the truth  in fact I can be rather thick when the mood takes me and sometimes get frustrated when I cant get the best out of any machine I use, when I was working I used  to drive or Operate is the correct term , Excavators of many varied types and sizes 8ton to 48ton and if I was instructed to open a trench 2MTRS deep by5MTRS long then that is exactly the tolerances I gave to the men I was working with plus or minus 2mm or 4 on a bad day, you may wonder why I am prattling on about my career in muckshifting  well its this, , each machine I operated I had to learn how to do so safely and efficently as you can kill very easily if you are not up to speed and show a very very high level of  competence now I am not saying you are going to kill someone because your not fully competant with your computer, though you may feel like it when the b....y thing starts playing games and takes the huff as they do OFTEN all I am trying to say is relax and enjoy Windows8 its very well thought out as you will see its almost idiot proof I have  that title cornered when it comes to computers , if I am having difficulty when my Grandkids are visiting one or more will say  " dont do it like that grandad try this" they all do it my eldest is Joe 17 then  Jane 15 , Christopher 11 , Mathew 10 and last but by no means least little Joshua,10      they are all light years ahead of me and know PCs inside out thats because I gave them a couple of my old computers which had minor faults mainly software orientated, and told them to find out and fix the problems and update them to run  with VISTA  I also mistakenly offered £20 to the first to  find and fix the faults I am down £60 , that will learn me not to take on youngsters  when assessing computer literacy. hope this sets the record straight Cowboy101, good screen name by the way.

                                     Kindest Regards      Fed

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