New dbs procedure/treatment

BBC Points West carried a news item this evening 26/4/2022 that highlighted a new approach to DBS surgery that it is thought to be less intrusive. They interviewed someone from Parkinsons UK whose name i sadly did not catch and explained that trials had been undertsaken and interviewed a patient who said he had experienced significant improvements in his condition. They sais that trials were ongoing and that if successful the procedure could well be available to sufferers next year. finally they said more information was available on this website but i can find nothing about it. Admin please help as my wife is a sufferer

Hi Davech,
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Jason. I think there is some confusion here. The Ponts West presenter said there would be a briefing based on the subject discussed on their programme and that it could be found on this website

Hi Davech

This the link to the article

Parkinson’s disease symptoms ‘reversed’ by mini implant, trial suggests - BBC News

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Thanks Hellsbells for the link. I was though expecting Parkinsons UK to have something on their site

Hey Davech, PUK wouldn’t have this info on its site yet as it’s an early trial system not available to us at this moment. It looks an improvement on the current DBS system so fingers crossed the trial is successful and the good news is as it cuts the current operation by half there would be a financial benefit for the NHS to approve. Some great work being done by doctors and scientists to help us, however it all takes time which is very frustrating but something we just have to deal with. This current trial won’t be complete till 2024, then will need to go for CE mark approval then FDA pre market approval so we are talking years before this type of DBS will be an option.

Thanks Hellbells for the update. Points West reference was misleading then, Sad to hear that this potential development is so far off.

Hi. I am one of the volunteers trialling the new DBS design. I had the operation in March and it was switched on last week.
My neurologist had referred me for DBS and after I’d been assessed, I was offered the opportunity to take part in the trial. I jumped at the chance because having the wires and miniaturised battery under the skin of my scalp seemed so much easier to live with than wires under my skin, down my neck, and a battery under the skin above my left breast.
Having said that, if I had not been offered a place on the trial, I would have happily had DBS as available now. I’ve met several people with DBS and none of them have regretted their decision. On the day I had the operation, a friend with DBS was also being operated on, having his battery replaced after 10 years.

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Hi Jane
The new DBS seems like a great advancement.
I know it’s early days but have you seen a great improvement?



If you Google parkinsons daily mirror it comes up there instead of dbs in chest it’s about putting in head making the operation alot faster.

I believe this was a trial, which is now over, which showed a new smaller device which didn’t take so long to insert into the brain. It’s for your wife’s neurosurgeon to decide wether she is suitable for it.

Hello all it is a trial but still going on ,I am the person shown on tv .I had implant in head 18 months ago all going well

Hi, I’ve put an update on my DBS under the SPARKS trial on another thread. My quality of life has improved enormously.

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