New diagnosis

Hi guy was diagnosed just last week with parkinsons after a 10 minute appointment with a nuerologyst my only visual symptom is a right hand tremor i was prescribed ropinirole and given a 6 month check up is this the norm is there any chance i could of been mis diagnosed or are they usually spot on feeling scared of what happens now as i feel i’m quite young at 55 thank you

Hi berty1967,

Yes, from what you have described, there is a chance you have been misdiagnosed.
It seems somewhat strange that you could have been diagnosed within 10 minutes.
When something like PD is diagnosed, please do go and get at least a second opinion.

For something as life-changing as this it might be worth paying for a 2nd opinion. I did (for under £200), & was told straight away “This is not Parkinson’s Disease”. I’m just sorry I waited 12 months.

I think if physical presentation suggests PD then it is possible to diagnose on the spot . I had symptoms that suggested PD and diagnosed in 10 minutes by neurologist. A 6 month check up and medication response will confirm. Sometimes other neurological conditions may appear and the initial diagnosis changed, but this is rare. If the neurologist is uncertain he may send you for more tests.

Hi berty1967
Sometimes going on a low dose of treatment can determine whether you have Parkinson’s or not . If it reduces your symptoms then this can be an indicator. Sorry to be patient although my neurologist thought a month would be long enough to diagnose and in the three years since I have developed many more symptoms. Be positive it’s not an immediate life changer