New Diagnosis


My wife saw her GP last Tuesday. The doctor thought that it was most likely that Sue had PD. We were both stunned. Sue has been referred to a local hospital for tests which will be carried out in August. In recent weeks Sue has been particularly poorly. She sometimes has difficulty speaking and needs to rest after little exertion. I am very worried about her and recognise that she has been suppressing symptoms for a long time. Sue seems to be very bravely getting on with life as best she can.

I feel helpless and do not know what to do for the best. I have personal challenges with anxiety and panic attacks.

What should I do next?

Wishing you well.


try not to add to your wife's difficulties. its hard,especially with your own problems, but try to carry on as normally as possible. apart from that there is nothing you need to do or can do. the nhs is slow but so is PD. the tests are important as diagnosis can sometimes be tricky. if it is PD medication should help her regain much of her old self for many years. once you know for certain learning about the disease and treatments can be useful.
thats just my opinion but hope it helps

What helps me most about my o/h's efforts to help are;
reassuring my I'm still the real me
anticipating hundreds of little things I need a hand with eg getting my arm into my coat, climbing out of the car , and then quietly and unobtrusively giving me a hand.
Doing the heavy stuff or reaching down things to save me climbing; again without me needing to ask and without making a fuss
Driving me to medical apppts so I don't have the stress of parking on top of everything else
Sleeping in spare room (without complaint)when I am restless/twitchy so I can fidget as much as i need without feeling guilty

It must be so hard to want to help, and living with a stoical independent person; we are hard work!

Hi and welcome to the forum, you will get loads of great advice and support here. It's important to look after yourself as well and I can highly recommend Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) as a great way of treating and curing anxiety. I had some last year after a GP referral and it changed my life. It's better than taking pills as it really heps you view everything in a more positive way and gives you tips for coping with challenges, whatever they may be. All the best to you both :wink:

Hello and I would agree with moosecl about CBT. I am going through it now and am finding it a great support and therapy. I can t say it s easy but, in my opinion, preferable to taking anti anxiety drugs which made me very ill. Talking your anxiety through with someone who is interested and has time to listen is invaluable.

i wish you all the best