New diagnosis

What can I say after all the stress of the last few months, they are now saying that my dad may possibly have the above. I'm not sure if this is instead of the Parkinson's or alongside it. Has anyone else suffered or heard of this? I must admit I have read through it all and it most certainly seems to be what my dad has been suffering with.

From going into hospital to be monitored for his Parkinson's for a week and two days in falling and breaking his hip. He now is incontinent, hallucinates all the time, has not even been made to get up. It's been a complete and total nightmare and I seem to have lost my dad. This has happened in a space of about 4 weeks. Then he was made to transfer to another hospital in a normal ambulance carrier instead of being on a stretcher and strapped in. The poor man after nearly 7 hours sitting in a chair went nearly on a three hour trip, completely confused, unable to communicate and by the time he got to the hospital was in such an aggresive and agitated state they wanted to know how long he had been confused for. Dear Lord, I could have swung for someone.

I wish he never went into hospital now as before at least you could have a conversation with him, he was able to shuffle around and use the toilet. Ok, yes he did fall asleep alot and hallucinate some of the time but to what he is like now, he is a completely different man. Heartbreaking is all I'm gonna say

my heart goes out to you ..... be your dads advocate, make sure the hospital look after him. my dad was in hospital (not with pd) and he got confused and agitated and had a thoroughly miserable time ........i wish i had spoken up more but put my trust in them ......i hope things pick up for you and your dad very soon


Many thanks for your reply. To top it all, he fell out of bed again and they didn't realise he had broken his leg again and his new hip replacement. So when they transferred him back to Crawley hospital in a normal ambulance he had another break which no one knew about for a few weeks.

The prognosis is not good now I'm afraid and he is critical. I'm at a loss for words or how I am feeling now, so so sad and so so stressed :(

that is utterly appalling!

So sorry to Herat all that . Sometimes confusion and hallucination can be something as simple as a water infection . If not treated propErly can then cause all the those other symptoms .

They often cannot see the wood for th e trees .. Don't give up . thinking of you .

My dad passed away Friday 12th July :(