New Diagnosis

Hello, my OH was given his diagnosis last Tuesday, the consultant said he has an added complication, hardening of the arteries, so my learning curve is set to vertical atm.

His teeth are in a terrible state, and our dentist has suggested extraction of all his teeth under a general anaesthetic, however I have been told that PD patients can get worse after a general anaesthetic, is there any truth in this, does any one have experience of this.

hi joyola

                 there is some truth behind the general they say it takes longer to get back to normal & pd meds start working 100 % again ,but i have to say I've been under about 4 times & been fine ,big welcome

My first thought is that it may be the fact that the majority of PWP's are elderly that is just seems to be a specific   interaction between anaesthetic and the Parkinsons brain.  Although for everyone, the deeper/longer the anaesthetic the greater the risk of its affecting the brain the risk  increases with age..

Gus and Eileenpatricia, Thankyou for your replies. He is due to go for a brain scan on Friday, so I will try to have a word then.

Hi Joyola, and welcome, as a carer for my hubby, I am in the same boat as you to speak, I have only just joined myself and like you still trying to learn as much as I can, trouble is what I read today brain seems to forget by tomorrow!! wink hope all goes well with your husband, this is a good site, and everyone is more than happy to answer questions etc, take care



Having had the 6 month review, the consultant has revised his diagnosis, he has PD with Lewy bodies, 


Hi Joyola

 So sorry to hear your OH he's LBD I was dx with pd about 2 years ago but had symptoms 5 years prior to that I was sent for memory tests for cognitive problems and dx with LBD last August , 

I have times when I'm good and can function fairly well like now and times when I don't do as well , this can change from day to day and sometimes several times in a day, keeping your OH as mentally and physically active as possible is the best thing you can do for him plus keeping a routine as much as possible , as far as is practical keep him doing the things he has always done.

  If you need someone to compare notes with please feel free to ask and I will get my OH to reply if I'm not able .

  Take care    Cc