New Diagnosis


I have recently been diagnosed with PD, it is a bit of a 'Life Changer' for me as I work as a Security Contractor in the Middle East which means the diagnosis effectively ends my job, so having to re-evaluate my whole approach going forward from here, I suppose I am not alone in that respect.

Again, like most people, I ignored the tremors for to long (18 months) but under pressure from my wife went to the doctor, lesson there, don't ignore your body's signals.

I do have one question if anyone can advise, I have been on the drug Sinemet for 10 days now and my left hand tremor has got worse, is this the experience of anyone else? and is it just my body adapting to the drug and will settle down over time?

Anyway, thank you to anyone who takes the time to read this and I am happy I now have this forum to talk about PD to people who understand.




Hi & welcome

Would you say your tremor is worse 2 or 3 hours after a dose of sinemet? or at times of stress/activity. 10 days in. if so it could be  as you say a signal from your body resulting in the tremor, your dose & drug( that may include change if one isn't effective) will be tailored to you over the course time too meet demand from your body is calling for.

Hello Sea Angler,

I would say the tremor has got worse in general, to be honest my work comes with a constant level of stress so cannot really comment on that.

Thanks for the reply, it helps, as you say, I am only 10 days in, so maybe some adjustment needed on the medication over time.

I am re-deploying back to UK at end of December so maybe can assess after that. (In a less stressful environment).



hi yes all should be a little clearer picture once you've settled back in the uk.

Just a thought as your out of the country, at diagnosis it varies infomation some people are given. did anyone explain about driving? if you do drive your required too inform the dvla & your insurance( your insurance shouldn't and wont go up) and with the dvla there is a form process back n forth tween you/dvla/ neuro, it may take a few months too sort. you should still be able too drive during that process.

Hi Doc,

My understanding of this condition is  that the tremor can be resistant to  treatment. I find my coffee habit certainly tends to make me shaky. I am recently diagnosed, and on Sinemet. It suppresses the tremor for a while, but it does come back. at least for me.


Hi Doc & Welcome to the forum,

If you can its worth delaying any big decisions about work until you are stabilised on meds. The meds can be very effective and could make a big difference to you. As sea angler says it can take a little while to find the right dose and get settled.

Elegant Fowl

No I did not know about the driving thing, thanks for the info, I will get onto that. 


Thanks Frances,

I must admit to quite a coffee habit myself, maybe should look at knocking it on the head. Bad news for Costs's profits!!

Thanks Elegant Fowl,

Comments noted, but my current position involves the use of fire arms so maybe not a good idea with a tremor, but good advice that I will take into account.


Hi Gus my hubby was diagnosed with Parkinsons in Feb age 44 and yes it is a life changer, he is lucky that he currently still works but he has a manual job with shift patterns and he struggles as his job is quite heavy and one of his main non motor symptoms is excessive fatigue. My hubby also ignored tremor for 18 months but when he went to the doctors they fobbed him off saying he was too young for PD and it was probably essential tremor, after some perseverance he had a Datscan and diagnosis was confirmed. I think at your early stage you are feeling extremely stressed and stress can cause tremor to be very much worse also my hubby has been experimenting with dosage and times that he takes his SInemet and he is just now finding a good balance where his tremor seems to be more under control but some days it is a little worse than others. It has been tough since diagnosis but you do learn to accept that your life has changed but at least it goes on unlike most other brain conditions. We live one day at a time and we do enjoy every opportunity!! Take care





Hi All

I would say that I have definitely noticed that my symptoms get worse when under stress and anxiety also plays a part.  I haven't told people at work and am getting by but when stress gets to me I feel my arm shaking more and fear it is going to give me away. 



Good feedback, exactly the same experience for me, not bad when off duty, bad when on.