New drug

My consultant has prescribed rasagiline. It has many common side effects. Would welcome advise

Hi @Zatopec,

I’m sure you’ll soon be getting advice from other forum members who have used rasagiline, but in the meantime you might find our information sheet on MAO-B inhibitors useful.

Best wishes,
Mara - Moderation Team

I have been on rasagiline for nearly 2 years with no obvious side effects. I would suggest giving it a go and monitoring how you feel.

I would echo Singing_gardner comments, I have been on Rasagiline for 3 years no side effects and I found it has helped me. If you are concerned with the side effects speak with your GP. I might be lucky but mine is supportive and monitors my general health and carries out blood test on regular basis. So far so good so hope it will be for you as well

Will start today. Thanks