New drugs to replace dopamine agonists?

I was excited to hear that a new drug is undergoing clinical trials that is levadopa based but slow release (?1 a day) like Requip Xl.
As the carer of a husband terribly damaged by Requip XL and now on Sinemet with all th off/on problems this sounds like a great step forward.
I would welcome info from anyone and perhaps other new drugs are on the horizon.
Clutching at straws perhaps but a straw is better than nothing!
could you give a reference of some sort?
Hi Turnip
Try this link and/or type IPX066 into a google box.

Our parkinson's nurse didn't know the name but told us about a new extended release drug in final stage of testing. I have only found this but no mention in any PDUK that I can find.
Anyone with more info?
This drug won't replace the DAs.
It is an improved version of the levodopa drugs (Sinemet, Madopar) They have found a way of prolonging the effect of levodopa, smoothing it out over the day, which is quite good, as it will spread the beneficial effect of levodopa more evenly, thereby cutting short/preventing "off-time". Apparently the trials are at a far enough advanced stage that you can expect the product to hit the market in a couple of years' time.
By the way it has not got a name yet as it is being trialled.
From memory Phase III has been completed.

The thing I liked about this trial is that they pitted IPX against Sinemet and other levodopa-based drugs. They put it up against the "gold-standard" and the half-life was significantly better (very small p-value).

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an amateur pontification:
the way i see it, other than repairing the damaged cells, the next best thing is to replace dopamine which is what levadopa does. the problem is how best to get it from the bottle to the brain in a way that mimics the natural production cycle. the stomach is a crude entry point but the current drugs do a fine job of overcoming what were extreme obstacles (ie the levadopa being used outside the brain). personally, i guess it will one day be delivered more directly into the brain perhaps using sensors to control the production, there probably is somthing that does this that i don't know about?
slow release madopar works well, but seemingly causes problems if used all the time.
Hi Kate
I'm sorry if there was any confusion.I thought I had made it clear that the thread was aimed at the 25% of patients who suffer DA induced OCDs and were looking for an alternative that offered the kind of 24 hour relief that RequipXL had offered.
The reports and information are a great help in making sufferers feel that there is something in the pipeline that will relieve the on/off problems associated with Sinemet etc which offer fluctuating relief.
For them the new drugs will replace DAs.
I wondered if anyone in the trial had any info?
hi golden girl

what do you mean by damaged by reqip el

Hi Leakylee
The damage done to at least 25% of users is well documented in other threads on the forum.
Basically the latest Mayo Clinic research, Feb 2011 shows that 1 in 4 patients on a therapeutic dose will suffer pathological obsessive and compulsive disorders roughly split between gambling and hypersexuality and many other OCDs thrown in.
The figures rise to 1 in 3 for the larger doses and 1 in 2 of men under 50.
Many lives are ruined by these side effects.
75% of patients however find them effective and trouble-free.
There have been many successful cases against GlaxoSmithKline in Canada and other countries but only very recently has there been a successful case in Europe.

Many of us on the forum have devastated lives because the warnings were not placed on the patient leaflets until 2006 and remain inaccutate and inadequate ( very rare side effect) yet it is the most common side effect reported on the Yellow Card system set up by the government to monitor drug side effects.
Look back thriugh earlier threads to find more information and let me know if there is anything more you need to know.