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IPXo66 (Rytary): A Possible New Treatment for Parkinson’s Disease
Rytary is a possible new form of medicine for the treatment of PD made by IMPAX Labs. Like the already approved medicine, it is a pill containing both levodopa and carbidopa and is taken by mouth. It is different because it’s made to release the medicines slowly over time instead of all at once. This may allow the patient to get the benefits of levodopa and carbidopa steadily over a longer period of time. This also means that people using Rytary to treat their PD symptoms would have to take fewer pills each day.
Rotary is still being studied, but so far the medicine looks like a promising treatment. In one clinical trial, people who took it had fewer PD symptoms than those who took the original levodopa and carbidopa pill. The study also found it is just as safe as the original pill. The FDA is still reviewing the clinical trials (at this writing) to decide if it is safe to use and does what it’s supposed to do. Rytary could be approved by the FDA as early as the end of January 2013.
Am am still wondering what is happening to this drug which seems to offer some improvement on existing formulations.years pass and still nothing!
Any news from research?

will this be the same as sinemet cr slow release work over a 12 hr period. What will be different!

I don't know, Gus.

our neurologist and Parkinson's nurse seem reluctant to recommend the CR version as they say it is unpredictable.

A larger dose is needed as not all of it gets into the system and that makes dyskinesia more likely.

My husband did insist on trying it at night to stop the unmediated state when in bed and struggling to turn over but found no improvement.

They both tell him that they are waiting for an effective alternative.This is our hope for Rytary...or IPXO66.

At the moment he takes Sinemet 8 times a day, every 2 hours to stay "on"

This is OK but he longs for the 1 a day Requip which worked very well but ruined our lives with OCDs!

I would be interested to hear of people's experiences with Sinemet CR and wonder if it is worth another go?



I find madopar slow release take 2 hours to start and last for only slighty ;longer than normal version and much less effective. Requip had much better technology. Thats why duadopa pumps are usefull, a true slow release tablet would be a great advance.

ps if you pay a certain company a measly $10,000 you can find out everything but fir us poor folk the oracle predicts:

  levadopa....there will be advancements wit administration, including slow-release and emergeny inhalers.


so i guess that Rytary is still on track, though they have had trouble with the FDA.

hi goldengirl, i take 250mg sinemet cr at bedtime and it works really well for me,i have just had a e-mail on the latest from dave the worm.and they are researching a new way of making dopamine from stem cells from skin its called ips (induced pluripotent stem cells) ,once made they will replace lost stem cells and then transplanted into the body and this will be a cure.

And what a party we shall have!

I'll book The Albert Hall and see you all there!

Who do we pay the $10,000 to and who Is Dave the worm?




Dave the worm .is for parkinson research 5 pound a month all the money goes to uk pd research ! LOOK IT UP AND SEE WHAT  RESEARCH THERE DOING GOOD CAUSE.



Hi goldengirl

We’ve been keeping a look out for any developments with Rytary but it's still going through the FDA review process  and unfortunately it’s difficult how long this will take and when the outcome of the review will be released.

The drug manufacturer ‘Impax laboratories inc’ should highlight any news on their website.

Fingers crossed!

Best wishes

The Research Team