New here and a bit confused

Hi everyone,

I have suffered Restless Leg Syndrome for many years and been on Ropinerole for about 7 years

i visited my GP last week to ask for an alternative to Ropinerole but she was more concerned about the way I was walking and referred me to a neurologist who I saw on Saturday. I know I am not walking proper but put it down to the fact I had a knee replacement 8 months ago.

After his examination he told me I have early symptoms of Parkinsonism and told me I should have an MRI brain scan. 

This has come as a complete shock. As far as I am concerned, I have no symptoms other than my walk.

My first instinct is to bury my head in the sand and not have a scan. If the treatment only treats the symptoms, is there a point to me taking more Dopamine Agonists when I don't have any symptoms?

i hope this makes sense, I am probably not thinking straight right now.

ps, I am a 64 year old male



Hi a MRI is quite common & standard, I had one which showed some minor degeneration in my spine prob where i have hurt my back in the past, others i know have had degeneraton too which shows up in some walking or sciatica problems,many MRI's show nothing at all to be concerned about. its more to discount rather than to point towards PD.

Hi Scottie99

just posted in the therapie forum about restless legs. Husband is suffering with it and apparently iron levels should/could be checked first. However husbands neuro decided no checking is necessary, and has now tried various different meds. By chance I have added magnesium supplements to his daily regime and his RLS are so much improved it is unbelievable? So I tought you might want to try that rather than add more chemicals to your mix?

Hi Scottie99, 

Welcome to the forum. I can understand why you're so shocked, especially if you feel okay otherwise. Let us know if you do decide to go for your scan. As someone has mentioned this is fairly routine, do you have someone to go with?

You can always call us about your concerns too on 0808 800 0303.