New here, father with PD

Hi everyone,

My Dad was told a few months ago by his GP that he had a 'touch of Parkinson's'.
He's nearly 86 and has been noticeably slowing down, shuffling along, becoming withdrawn and quiet as well as having noticeable tremor in his right hand which nows jerks about a lot when he stands up.
My Mum looks after him pretty well, she's 87 but still active fortunately, but I've been very worried about him not having been assessed by a specialist.

I've encouraged them to ask for a referral and I'm taking them to the surgery tomorrow.
Dad's been on Warfarin for a few years as he's had a history of cardio-vascular problems and DVT.
I do hope he gets some help even though he's in his late eighties, he's depressed by his condition and doesn't want to go out any more which gets my Mum down.
Is it usual for GP's to not refer elderly patients on do you think?
If his PD is not worrying him, maybe nothing should be done. Don't leave that decision to your GP. Talk to your Dad, decide between yourselves and then, make things happen.

Many new PD patients delay the taking of drugs until the symptoms become problematic.If they aren't causing much of a problem, why not leave it for now? It's up to you.

Best wishes
Hi Honeysmum

You must be so worried about your Dad and your Mum. I would suggest that you call the Help Line (number at top left of this page) for advice.
Thankyou for your help spam95 and worrals,

We saw the GP today and he has agreed to refer my Dad to a neurologist thank goodness.
Hopefully he'll soon be assessed and we'll know whether medication can help him.
He told me on the phone yesterday that his condition is getting him down, and I know the difficulties caused by his behavioural changes are getting my Mum down as well, very wearing for her considering her age.

So all round this could be seen as an early Christmas present!

PS Have already been in touch with the advice line worralls and they were very helpful, thankyou.
We have a local group as well so I'll get in touch with them after Dad's been assessed.