New here with deep family parkinsons history

Hi all,

I am knocking on the door to 35 in a couple of weeks and am looking for reassurance/advice etc.

My grandad as long as I could remember him had parkinsons and died aged around 62 from Pneumonia.

Roll on a few years and my dad was diagnosed aged around 37 with parkinsons. He got called for London for testing where it was found that the parkinsons runs in our family. I may or may not develop it. I was told I could have testing in London to see what my chances were and 10 years ago I didn't want to know - too young - wasn't even used to my dad having it let alone the horrid thought I might 

Now I am only a couple of years off of this (my grandad was also diagnosed young) I am getting scared and also tbh I want to know. If I am going to get it it will happen and I guess I want to be able prepare myself.

Does it sound stupid to do the testing now? Should I just leave it? From what limited research I have done it would appear pesticides might be a part of it (some years ago I looked) and both my dad and grand dad have used this as gardeners and on farm workers. Where as besides Glyphosphate in the garden spray I haven't been around anything hard core.

Not quite sure what I am looking for really but just want to sound off here. I would like to look into genetic and young persons parkinsons more if someone could guide me to that research too.

Thanks in advance all!

Hello there 

it's just my opinion but it's all up to you but if you feel fine and you will know your own body as how you are but I would glory on and be happy , as so far there is no cure for Parkinson's . But if you must know then get tested  , it's easy for me to say but you must think about it a lot , so if it will give you peace of mind get tested , good luck and I hope you don't join us 


Hi rebekah

Do what you feel your heart is telling you. Some might prefer not to know, others would. We are all individuals. Can you cope,with each day not knowing?  I have a family history too of family with Parkinsons. My eldest daughter wanted to know so they did a blood test to see if I was a carrier of the gene. Do what's right for you. All the best. X

my grandma had parkinons late in her life and this year my dad has been diagnosed with it too. Husband got it and I am thinking the possiblities are high for either my brother or myself getting it later. Only you know what to do.

Get tested, waiting till you have symptoms means that 75% of the affected neurones are already gone. Knowing sooner might mean that now or in the near future you could try interventions that prevent or delay onset. Mind you, I think the tests only tell you if you carry genes that make you more likely to develop PD, I don't think there is yet reliable tests for early, sub clinical disease itself. And fingers crossed, maybe you haven't inherited the bad genes!

You're fortunate to be pre-warned. If only I had known I was to get PD, I might have done more to avoid it, as far as that is possible.

Sorry to ask, are you still living in Jakarta?

I am living with my wife approximately 20 kms from Cianjur. I am an English guy who would like to find a Neurologist within travelling distance of my home. The Neurologist in Cianjur is having a hard time diagnosing my condition. I was diagnosed with PD in Newcastle by Professor David Bates in 2006 however, since that time I have been diagnosed as NOT having the condition by Professor Earle Lim in Singapore in 2014.

I read your post regarding living with an empty stomach to feel the benefit of the medication.

I will understand f you do not wish to be disturbed.

Thank you,


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