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:sunglasses:I joined because my father has been told he has Parkinson's,he's now been on medication for 3 weeks but was very sick on Thursday the dodctor has put him on anti sickness pills now.In total he takes 10 things now bless him what with diabetes and high blood pressure the joys of getting old' he's just turned 76.we see the specialist nurse in a couple weeks so hopefully we'll know more.we did get the booklet which is very helpfully .dad not pleased he can't drive for now.he has trouble getting in and out of the bath so mum helps him .just nice to chat to other people going through this .
Hello Ladybug,

Welcome to the Forum.

This is a good place for you to find out about life after diagnosis. There is loads of information on here and the main PUK site as well. If you are concerned about any PD issues don't be afraid to ask because there is always someone on here that will have personal experience of your query. other that a trawl through old posts can be very enlightening.

Persoanally I recommend that you and your Dad join the local branch because it is there that you will be part of a community and get access to advice and support on a local scale. it has been a great comfort for me and it has given me many new friendships. To find your local branch go to the home page and look up what is happening "local to You".

Wishing you well.
:smile:hi lady bug,welcome to puk forum,as bogman has already said there is very good surport on here:smile:im ali and ive been dx for 11 half years,im 43 years old:smile:you mention your mum has to help dad get out of the bath,has your mum got good health?can she manage,wot im sayin ladybug is,some times we need extra help ,speacilly when we older,it may be a thought to contact gp agin and ask if he can get occupational health to visit you,dad,and mum,and have a chat,they are very very good,will provide equipement for your dad,which will make life eaiser for him and also your mum,its just a thought ladybug:smile:parkinsons effects us all in different ways,i wish him luck,:smile:the puk helpline also is very helpful,will answer many questions you may have,and will guide you to the correct people to help your dad ,and the family:smile:
Hi Ladybug,

Welcome to the forum, as already said you will find lots of support on here and you are now what I call part of the parky family. Do keep posting and you will find answers to most of the problems you may encounter. If you have a really good social worker that is key to everything and they can link in to all the other services, so I hope you get a good one.
best wishes for now