New here

I'm 50 years old got diagnosed in February this year,for past few years my legs got stiffer and stiffer,my gp recommended physio which helped a little,they said I had spastic muscle syndrome which made my legs stiff,but I last year i noticed a tremor in my right arm so went back to  gp who referred me to neurologist who after tests confirmed I had Parkinson's ,I've been on Meds since then which are helping,it was a huge shock to find out about Parkinson's but with help from family and friends I'm starting to come to terms with it

Hi Teza

Welcome, i have only been on here for a few weeks so quite new myself.I have found that on the topics i choose to view, people share their worries, fears and experiences. This is often easier than talking to those closest, to unburden yourself to others in the same boat.Maybe like me you came on here to find company and solidarity or information about treatments and local support, Whatever the reason for you joining this forum, i hope it works for you.


Hi Teza and welcome to the forum.

As the others have already said there are loads of people here who have experience of all aspects of life with Parkinson's. You can ask anything at any time and can expect an honest opinion from someone with lived experience of Parkinson's. I hope you find the forum as supportive as I have done.

Elegant Fowl