New hip operation

I fell over before Christmas and broke my hip. I was in Surrey so taken to Frimley Park Hospital and had a new hip. When I was due to come out 2 days before Christmas the Hospital wouldn’t provide transport to get me home to Essex. I had to pay £256 for a cab. I had no care plan and was left to my own devices fortunately one of my daughter’s came and stayed for a week.

I paid privately for physio as I didn’t know what to do to improve. Unfortunately I can’t sleep at night as I can’t sleep on my back and find it very hard to get in and out of bed.

I have finally got an appointment for 14 Feb at Broomfield but until then I’m finding it all too much. Obviously my Parkinson’s is not helping.

Has anyone got any suggestions.

Hi @Margs1, :wave:t6:

Gosh, it sounds like you’ve been having a really tough time - I’m sorry to hear this.

Although you have an appointment coming up, it might still be worth giving our helpline a call - an adviser can offer you some advice on how to manage your Parkinson’s symptoms along with the pain you are experiencing due to your hip operation.

Please give us a call as soon as you can on 0808 800 0303.

Do take care. :blue_heart:

Best wishes,

Thanks Reah, I spoke to a lovely lady this morning who put my mind at rest. Unfortunately I didn’t catch the ladies name.
It was certainly good to chat to somebody.

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Amazing @Margs1 ! I’m so glad to hear this. :blush:

Hello Margs1.
I hope your appointment went ok earlier this month and that your hip is mending well.

Thank you Soph1. My appointment went well and an xray showed that my hip is mending well although i was told to still sleep on my back which is still causing me problems. I stiffen up so much it is a struggle to get up in the morning. Fortunately after sitting in my armchair for half an hour or so it gets easer. I have a virtual physio appointment tomorrow so hopefully that will help.

I was also told not to drive yet so fingers crossed thats the next hurdle to get over, although for the last year I have only driven locally as I think Parkinson’s has taken my confidence away.

Thanks again for asking x

Hello Margs1

How is the physio coming along? I hope you are continuing to make good progress.
Maybe not too long before driving again?

All the best

Hi Soph21

Thanks for asking. My virtual physio was ok and I have been sent some balance exercises to do.

I was advised not to drive yet and not to bend. I must admit i sometimes try to bend a bit but I can feel it. Frustrating that I cant do any gardening etc.

So nice of you to enquire, tell me about yourself, how long have you had Parkinson’s?

Would be nice to have someone to discuss things with.

All the best.

Margaret x

Hello Margaret

It’s good to know you are making progress, although probably not as quickly as you would like. I hope you can get into that garden soon!

I am waiting with my husband to find out whether he does have Parkinson’s, as suspected by a first consultant. We are due to see a second and hopefully have a DAT scan next month. I am finding tremendous support in visiting this forum (never joined one before last October). I guess as our journey continues I will be able to contribute a little more, but in the meantime I find it a privilege to be able to reach out to all of only to send waves of encouragement. I know these are fuzzy warm words that don’t get things done, but they are sincere. I have already received support from a number of members and from the helpline during my hours of worry.

Keep that physio work up, we want you in that garden in the spring!

Sophie x

Hi Sophie thanks for your words of encouragement.

Its a terrible time I know waiting for a diagnosis. I went to my doctors with a shaky arm and she said it couldn’t be Parkinson’s as I only had a tremor in one arm, which is completely wrong.

She said it was probably a trapped nerve and Iwent private to have physio. A few months later i was feeling generally unwell and as there was a long wait to see a Consultant I went private. He took one look at me and diagnosed Parkinson’s. I eventually see an NHS consultant and after four years Im managing quite well with my medication.

In fact people are surprised that I have Parkinson’s at all. Although I know it gets worse over time.

I actually drove for the first time yesterday and again today, so the garden is my last hurdle!

All the best to you and your husband. Let me know how he gets on.

All the best.

Margaret x