New kid on the block

Jacko – 61 year old male from `Sunny` Blackpool.
I was diagnosed with PD by my GP in April 2012 which was confirmed by DAT scan in August.
My symptoms are quite mild – slight resting tremor in right hand/foot, some rigidity on my right
side, and a softening of my voice.
I started on Madopar early this year – 50mg/12.5mg capsules 4 x day with little or no easing of
my symptoms – I suppose it takes a while to kick in, does it ?, or perhaps I need to up my dosage.
Prior to taking any meds I found it really difficult to brush my teeth with my right hand – I had no
flexibility in my wrist at all.
The weird thing was that if I focused on my left hand and mimicked the movement, my right hand
followed accordingly.
Can anyone explain this or has anyone else had a similar experience ?.
I could achieve a similar response if I listened to music while I brushed – it had to have a pronounced
tempo for me to follow and I had to concentrate hard, but it really did help.
Welcome Jacko this is a friendly forum :)
Hi, Jacko, and welcome!

I'm a 66-year-old woman in Oregon, have had PD 15 years now. Yes, I have had the same experience with making the right hand (my affected side) mimic the left. When I use both hands in shampooing my hair, for example, the left hand "leads" the right. I cannot explain the phenomenon; perhaps someone else out there can. But I gave up on brushing my teeth and bought an electric brush years ago!

I wish you good luck with this sometimes humorous and sometimes maddening disease. My own case is progressing very slowly; may yours do the same.
Hello Jacko, Nice to know you, I love Blackpool lots going on all the time. I am new to the site. I wondered if you could tell me when my husband sees his GP for the first time with what seems to be PD what will happen? will he carry out any tests? how long will it be before he gets to see a specialist? I know you don't know exactly when, but its just so I have some idea of how long people have to wait to see a specialist in the UK I live in Lincolnshire. My husband has had symptoms for approx 12/18 months won't admit hes ill, but things have worsened he knows he has got to see a doctor, just wish he would let me go with him, incase there are things he does not tell the doctor about, but he has refused point blank, would you say that the doctor will pick up on his symptoms anyway? any advice of your recent experience will be much appreciated, we also have a holiday booked for May, so looks like I will have to cancel this, hope you don't mind Jacko, kind regards Hols
Hi hollytree29
To answer your questions - GP diagnosis will be based on your husband's symptoms (as far as I am aware)as there is no specific test for PD.
In my case, after hearing of my symptoms - I had lost my sense of smell, had resting tremor in my right arm and foot and voice issues, my GP asked me to write something down and also did a basic balance test. He confirmed my worst fears and I was referred to a neurologist, whom I saw after around 6 weeks. He carried out a few further physical tests and referred me for a DAT scan( about 3 weeks later)- this is basically a MRI scan of the brain which highlights the loss of Dopamine production in your brain. The results took about 6 weeks to come through and confirmed my PD. I was then prescribed Madopar.
My wife came to all my appointments as we felt it was important for us both to be aware of how it would affect our lives. Also there may be questions you want to ask that your husband may forget or doesn't think are relevant.
If you have any more questions please feel free to ask.

Hi Jacko, Your information is great, perhaps be about the same for my husband. He is actually going to see the GP tomorrow for the first time. He asked her over the phone today if he could have something to stop the shaking and she said if its related to PD then yes she will give him something. I don't know whether she will or not. I thought it would have to wait till he sees a specialist? but then again I suppose they must have to try and give some relief because the waiting game goes on and on. He's not good at all at the moment. I hope you are doing well on your medication, and are starting to have better days. Thanks for your advice its really appreciated, i will keep you posted as to what happens. God Bless Hols x

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Music to brush your teeth by:

"I want to be sedated" by the Ramones

Perfect tempo, amusing lyrics and at 2 mins 30 secs a perfect adjunct to oral hygiene.

Avoid "Teenage lobotomy." Great lyrics but the intermittent beat will loosen your teeth!