New laptop ideas please!

I have found that since my ðiagnosis a few months ago my hands and fingers don’t always work very well. I’ve been thinking of buying a new laptop. Someone told me that the new ones have a dictation setting. Has anyone out there got experience of this? If you have I would love to know how you get on with it. Any of you computer ’ experts’ able to recommend a laptop. I need a lightweight everyday type one. Hopefully no more than £500. I have always written letters and I write poetry. Now I find writing anything very frustrating as my writing gets smaller and smaller! I want to get back to feeling in control again.

Hi @Caz1

Thank you for your post, I am sure many people will share their views with you. However there is an organisation called abilitynet who help and advise people on their individual computer needs, you can have a look at their webpage at - or telephone them on 08000487642.

I hope this is helpful.


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Hello Caz1, I had a new laptop last year and it has been fine, got it from Argos its a LENOVA IdeaPad S145, Radeon vega graphics. I bought a Logitech mouse to use on it. I get on fine with this system, had parky for around eleven years now but manage ok with this one, reaonable price also around £350-£400

Thanks sheffy very much appreciated!

I use Nuance speech dictation software with pc, but for a cheap option i would consider using a chrome book, about £300, not windows but speech dictation with google is pretty good, I use it on my smartphone for texts and emails

Hi there I use the iPad by Apple got from John Lewis 2 year warranty. Great dictation not a laptop but built in keyboard screen or can add keyboard to it. I found it lot easier and lighter than my laptop

If you have a windows 10 installed

You should be able to use the windows one

I haven’t used it, but at least you should be able to try it before you buy it

I appreciate that not everyone has a Mac, and they are pricey, but I use Mac devices and the basic dictation function is fabulous – I am dictating this right now. There is a more complicated version that I haven’t got onto yet. My left hand has problems typing so this is a great way of doing it quickly and accurately and then just correcting manually a few words as needed. Mine is set up so that I just tap the command button twice and that opens the dictation software, allowing me to dictate what I need very quickly and easily

Dictation is the way to go, I’m writing this on an iPad, that easy.

The only function that I have found to be missing is a backspace function that will erase the last word

I don’t know what exactly you are looking for but maybe , might be interesting?