New Latest Activity page

In response to your feedback we have now launched a latest activity page so you can see recent posts from all forums at a glance.

A link to the Latest Activity page is posted on the left of the page and by default, topics posted in the past 12 hours will be displayed. You can use the drop down menu to select shorter or longer time periods for display.

You can also see which members are online with you.

We hope you enjoy this new feature.
Thank you Liz - I think this will be a great help to everyone. Many thanks.
Excelent addition. Makes the forum much more usable.

Thanks .Really good idea.

great idea to show what has been added to each section.
nice to know who is online.
well done.

Now folks it is up to you. Sign in otherwise you are logged as guests and that way we caan't see who is on line.

Tina x
Liz,good idea, also useful if when sending a message in response to a posting you could see the message you were replying to. Carol
Thnx. I know i am dumb but how do you see who is online?
s'OK thank you..found it!
The 'New Latest Activity' page is very useful.

I would ideally like a 'log out' button on it.

Also, the option of pre-setting the 'Posts in' value, so that it doesn't always default to 12 hours. (Have found that I can do this, albeit indirectly, by using a pointer on my desktop.)

I agree with Carol05's point about being able to see what you're replying to. I work around this by opening a new page (hold down control key and press 'N'), so that I can refer back to the original and select from it what I need. Also, by giving the time, date and page number of the post I'm referring to, if this isn't obvious. Of course, page numbers may become inaccurate if preceding posts are edited or deleted.

I find that the Bold and Italic options, which are available when replying, are useful in distinguishing a quote from a comment.