New medication

Was wondering if anyone here is taking rasagiline? My husband has yopd, diagnosed 5 months ago at the age of 42. Been taking Co-Careldopa which is working well, so neurologist is suggesting adding rasagiline.
Just wondering how people have found it?

I took rasagiline only for the first 2 years after diagnosis with no problems and have recently added sinemet plus to this also without adverse side effects.

Hi KatieP Ive been on azilect(rasagilene) since I was diagnosed nearly six years ago;without any ill effects,hope it works for your hubby.

Thank you both…very reassuring to hear.

HI i have been on Rasegilene since i was diagnosed 14 years ago, i was fine on it. Now i have just changed to Safinamide its going ok. from Zo

Thanks x

My husband of now 57 was diagnosed some 4yrs ago but on hindsight symptoms were evident some time before. He was initially taking just rasagiline and pleased to say with no side-effects, over the last year sinemet has been added, and again very pleased to say no side-effects x

Thank you, so good to hear that. He’s just waiting for the prescription so fingers crossed it will agree with him…and do it’s job in potentially slowing progression x