New Medication


I have been placed on Sinemet 12mg/50mg tablets, can anyone tell me if they are on this medication, ( if how are you getting on with it, do you have any side effects ect) any response will be grateful.

Thanking you in advance


Hi ime on sinemet 25/100 no side effects been on these 2yrs

Hi ive been on 25/100 6 × daily for years now. Not as effective as it was when i 1st started on it but that was 8 years ago

Hi Paul, I take Sinemet 12mg/50mg 7x during a 24 hour period. These tablets are quite a low dose, but little and often suits me. I have been using Sinemet for 30 years, the only side effect being occasional dyskinesia, which is related to not having eaten enough to balance the l-dopa. Sally

Hi, thank you for your message, it’s been most helpful, thank you.