New meds’ worse than old

I’ve been through 6 months of hell feeling ill ever day and my Parkinson’s A’s got worse since the consultant change my meds yet the nurses or the consultant don’t seem to careless, I’ve just given up with them because I feel like they can’t be bothered.

Hi @Ken2468,

This is terrible, I’m so sorry that you’ve going through such a rough time. It’s a shame that you haven’t had the best experience with your consultant, they should definitely be taking your concerns into consideration.
My advice to you would be to contact our confidential helpline as soon as you can. One of our trusted advisers can arrange for a Parkinson’s nurse to call you back within 24 hours. Please give us a call o 0808 800 0303.
I think you should also get in contact with your local advisers, your Parkinson’s local adviser will have a wide range of knowledge and expertise about Parkinson’s, and know about services available in your area. You can search for your nearest one here -

I hope you find this information helpful.

Best wishes,