New meds

Anybody taking selegiline for pd and have there been any significant side effects will be starting on this med after my week on pkg monitor

Can’t help you there Peter, I’m on Ropinirole and have been since I was DX eight years ago and on the same brand RALNEA. Since January the pharmacist could not source this particular brand, hence I was prescribed three different brands since then. I noticed a decline in my walking, tremor and even my thinking (or lack of it) etc., I took it into my own hands and was able to take my prescription to Boots the Chemist to see if they could provide me with something on par with the nearest brand to Ralnea and they came up trumps and gave me REQUIP Ropinirole. Started taking them last Sunday and they have made a significant difference in my reactions I was totally amazed, this includes feeling more alert.

Sorry Peter but I just had to let everyone know, sorry I can’t help you, but this may help someone else who may be in the same situation.

Take care and hope you get some reaction to what you want to know - Sheila

Hi Sheila,
Glad to read your well after the change in brands. Im now on 12mgs of Ropinerol. 4mg and 8mg. The problem i have is every new prescription brings a new brand. Not only that, i get one brand of 4mg tablets and one brand of 8mgs. So i couldn’t tell you which is better. The pharmacy does its best but i think ill copy you and try Boots and Requip! Hope you’re improvements continue.