New member - mum with pd


My mum was diagnosed about 4 years ago after her GP referred her to a neurologist after repeatedly turning her away. It was a massive shock to our whole family but it did bring us closer together. She deals with it the best she can but the medication makes her really tired and she has her low days. I'm the youngest of 3 siblings and me and my mum have always been really close, best friends really. I try to look after her as much as possible but she still works 4 days a week and I'm always worrying about her. I find it hard to talk about it with others. We've had a really terrible year family and home wise and I worry the stress will make her more ill. I was really just wanting to speak to other people in the same boat!

Hi Leon 87

I often think that the children suffer more than the person with Parkinson's because they often feel so helpless. At least it certainly seems that way to me judging from many of the posts on here.

From what you say, your mum seems to be coping very well so I would try not to worry too much, but you have done the right thing in joining this forum. You sound like a caring son (or daughter), so your mum is very lucky in that respect.

Please keep posting and feel free to 'offload' or to ask any questions. A problem shared, etc, etc.

All best wishes

Lily x
Hi, Parkinson's can be a very frightening condition. In my experience talking about it has made it significantly easier to cope with although your mum will have to take the lead with that. Only she will know when she's ready to 'open up'. Until then just being there for her is so important. Life does get easier I promise, coming to terms with pd can take time though. Best Wishes