New member saying hello - part 2

As the physical symptoms have only just started in the last few weeks/months and the cognitive issues were more noticeable and happened earlier, the PD dx was more of a surprise than had it been vascular dementure or alzeihmers.

My dad has never been ill prior to the mini strokes recently and rarely went to doctors (surgeries full of ill people) etc and now with the cognitive issues on top of his lack of medical experience is resulting in childish attitudes to his ailments, doesn't seem to think anyone that sees him knows what they're talking about etc. He went to see a physio reluctantly a couple of weeks ago (privately) and he won't even do the simple exercises of putting his hands behind his neck and trying to flex shoulders back. I know how important exercise is to slow down and prevent the PD getting worse but I know he will refuse to do. Haven't mentioned them yet as he's still in shock - said he didn't think there was anything wrong!

I've read on this site about PD nurses and support groups etc - He will need someone medical/professional to tell him he needs to do the exercises he will be given (almost think he needs to be shocked into it) - worried about effect on my mum too as she has angina. Apologies for posting 2 long messages but just wanted to record what's happended so far. WHAT HAPPENS NEXT AFTER DIAGNOSIS?
Hello Danne

Give your dad a bit of time, to let the diagnosis sink in. It's obviously been a bit of a shock for you, and it will be to him too. Or since his brother has parky, is it possible that he has been fearing this diagnosis?

As for what happens next, have they prescribed any meds yet? Parkies varies so much with each individual, and your dad has so many other things happening with the mini strokes it will be difficult and slow trying to find things that will help him.

Keep posting, there will be others on here who can give you more advice than I can.