New member would like catchup magazine

Hi, I have just received my membership after quite a delay and read that “The Parkinson” and “Progress” are both issued in October. By the looks of it, just too late for me to get them.
I wonder if there is any way to download “back numbers” from the site as they sound useful and I’m still in the information gathering stage.

Hi @martint123,

First of all, thank you for becoming a member and supporting our work while keeping up to date. If you ever encounter any issues with your membership you can get in touch with the Membership Team, who will be delighted to help you. You can call them on 0800 138 6593 (0044+ 1604 321 253 from overseas) or email them on [email protected].

If you don’t mind reading the publications you missed online you can access the latest copies of The Parkinson and Progress clicking on the relevant publication title.

I hope that helps, but please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need further support.

Best wishes,
(Moderation Team)

Many thanks Mara. Your pointers to the online versions is exactly what I was hoping to find.

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