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hello there. posting on behalf of me and my mum.

she was referred last week by her GP for Parkinsons's assessment because of a tremor in her hand which has been getting worse over the last couple of years.

She also has had mobility issues for the last 10 years and since reading all about Parkinsons on this website this week she seems to be a text book case.

I can't tell you how many specialists we have seen about her walking in the last 4 years or more and no-one seems to have spotted it. We now have to wait 5 months till we can see the NHS consultant. Aaargghh!

We would consider a private appointment if we can get one sooner. I appreciate this is a non-medical forum but can anyone give us any idea of how effective the medication might be? Currently just walking the length of her living room is a major achievement. Can we expect any improvement or would the medication just slow the deterioration process down?

With thanks in advance for your help, P

Hi Petunia and welcome to the forum.  Regarding your situation you should seek out the Parkinsons Nurse in your area and see if she can help.  Your GP Surgery should be able to help or you can find out who it is through the Parkinsons Organisation website.  Parkinsons takes many forms but hopefully your Mums mobility can be improved with the right medication.

Hi Cruise Controller, many thanks for your reply, we hope that will be the case, will keep you posted.


Best wishes, P