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Good morning all.
It's been good to read some of your posts.
I was diagnosed last month. I am 49 years old, and I have had symptoms for at least a couple of years. I am a nurse, and I work 4 days a week. Luckily, my job does not have too much clinical component, as I find using my left hand is tricky. I have two children, but one has left home for university now. My other child is 14, and she has been really quite supportive and mature for her age. My partner and family have been tremendously supportive. I feel for my parents, as it has been hard for them...
Me, I'm not looking too far ahead. Things are good for now, so I'll enjoy them while I can. I just started on medication last month, and I feel so free of all that stiffness. It's like a new lease of life!
Kindest regards, Frock
Hello and welcome.My husband has PD.Pleased that you are doing well.Very best wishes to you all
Hello Frock,

Welcome to the forum. Good to see you have such a supportive family and a great attitude. That must surely help deal with PD.

Good to see the medications working for you :grin:

Best wishes,
A warm welcome frock
I think that doing what you can when you can is a grand way of thinking. I am pleased for you that your medication is working and that you have family support
I trust that you will find this forum a mine of informaton, helpful advice & support. I know that I do
With my best wishes
Hello Frock a big PDUK welcome to the forum....I am pleased to read you are doing well and that you have a good supportive family.

Lots of information for you to read here and many, many lovely people who will offer any help and advise you need.

Please keep posting we are glad to have you aboard.

Lots of love

Radz x
Hi Frock and welcome to the forum.. It's so good to hear that you have a support network around you. Like your parents, my Mother has found my dx 2 years ago hard to take on board - seems no matter how old you are Mum's still worry about you. I hope you find the forum as helpful and friendly as it has for me.

Best wishes and maybe catch up with you around the forum
hiya frock ,luv ur forum name:smile:welcome to the forum ,im ali i bin dx for 11 years in november,im 42:smile:theres lots of nice people on here with good surport,i hope to see u around the forum ,pop ur head around into the chat or cafe in the social thread we tend to hang out there x:smile:
Hello frock, welcome to the forum, you certainly seem to have the right attitude to this living with PD and I'm sure that will stand you in good stead along the PD road.

You will find lots of support and advice on the forum and I hope to chat to you along the way.

Hello and welcome the forum Frock. You certainly seem to have the right attitude to your condition, it will stand you good stead as you take your PD road. Family and friends support is indeed a wonderful fulfilling thing to have, as is the support of people who are taking the same road as yourself. It's always good to know that somebody actually does fully understand what your feeling and experiencing.

I hope that can chat sometime along the way.

PS....sorry for the double posting, I though I had lost the first one....sorry!!
Thanks everyone, for your replies.
It's great to feel that support, and I hope I can offer that support to you, too.
Kind regards,
Hi Frock welcome to the forum.
I am 48 and was dx last year,Im sure you will find the pduk site,and people on it a big help
I think not looking too far ahead, and making the best of it now is a great attitude:grin:

All the best Adrian
Hello Frock Welcome to the club .. WE HAVE PARKINSONS....That's what I tell my husband ..

He is the one with Parkinsons But I found that I needed to find out as much as possible about it and be in touch with others who understand .
Welcome Frock,
Sorry you have reason to be here, but glad you found the forum. Am 47 yr old mom/wife with 13 yr old daughter. Dx'ed in May, but tremor 8 years. Hope you find forum as helpful as I have. Best wishes, Lin2
Thank you for your best wishes. I am finding it really helpful to know that others are coping, in a similar situation to me, similar age, with kids, and family. Thanks, Frock